The Lac du Bonnet Karate Club offers programs for everyone! We have Tiny Tigers classes for our youngest members. We also offer general classes for older children, teens, and adults. For our higher-level athletes, we offer a green belt to black belt class. For those interested in competing, we offer the opportunity to participate in tournaments.

If you want to take karate for fun and exercise, we have classes for you.

If you want to progress through the ranks to one day attain your black belt, we have classes for you.

If you want to compete in tournaments, we offer the opportunity to compete in both non-contact and light contact tournaments.

In addition, there are seminars and activities all over the province that you can participate in, through the Lac du Bonnet Karate Club, the World Traditional Karate Organization, and the many clubs that we are friends with.

We have a place for you!