Dojo Etiquette

Karate-do begins with courtesy and ends with courtesy.” –Master Funakoshi

 – Please remove your shoes before entering the dojo (gym) and leave them neatly against the wall by the doors. We train barefoot.

– Bow before entering or leaving the dojo floor. This is a show of respect for your place of training and the instructors.

– Stop what you are doing and bow to instructors when you first see them in the dojo.

– It is considered bad manners to lean against a wall or fool around while waiting for class to start. Make sure you are stretching, warming up, or practicing kata while you wait.

– Line up quickly and quietly when the sensei (instructor) tells you to. We line up according to rank with white belts being at the far left of the line.

– Always do what black belts tell you to do in class.

– Regardless of rank, always show respect and be polite to all other members of the club. Disagreements and arguments do not belong in the dojo.

– Jewelry must be removed when training as it can hurt you or others while doing partner work.

– Fingernails & toenails must be kept short and clean.

– Make sure that gum and candy goes in the garbage before you start training.

– Spirit is important in karate. Try your best and answer “Osu!” (I understand/I’ll try) after you are given instruction or when asked if you understand.

– Students of karate are not allowed to fight. Unless you had no other choice, anyone caught fighting will be suspended or asked to leave the dojo permanently.